Shared Residency Student Enrollment

Below are the steps that are required to enroll a New or Current Student with Shared Residency.

Please call 562-4897 to make a shared residence appointment.


The homeowner or leaseholder must provide ALL THREE items.  (PO BOX is not acceptable.)

  • One mortgage document or a lease.

    • Please note: If you are in a lease, then those doing a shared residency with the leaseholder must come pick up a Statement of Occupancy Form at central office. The landlord must fill out this form, and the landlord must have this notarized.

  • One utility within the last 30 days. (NO Termination Bills)

  • One unexpired car tag receipt with address matching the first two proofs. NO titles.


The parent/guardian must provide TWO of the following items with the same address as the homeowner/leaseholder.  (PO BOX is not acceptable.)

  • Utility Bill (gas, water, Entergy or the verification receipt for turn-on)

  • Car Tag Receipt (Affidavit will not be acceptable.)

  • Pay Stub

  • Government mailing (Examples: SNAP, MEDICAID, DHS,


  • THREE significant pieces of mail equals ONE Proof. 

     (EXAMPLES: Bank statement, cell phone bill, PO receipt for  forwarded mail, medical or credit card bills, etc.)