woman in santa pajamas and a santa hat in front of beige blinds holding a book. she's sitting to the left of a black table. On her left is a decorated christmas tree. There's a coffee table in front of her and a gray sofa in the foreground.
library with woman and two little boys in front of a christmas tree. books on bookshelves are in the background. a christmas elf is on top of the christmas tree. there's polka-dotted carpeting.
preschool registeration, senatobia elementary school january 9 through 13 of 2023. $250 per month. learning program for children three to four years old. this is a tuition-based program. for more information call 662-562-9613. www.senatobiaschools.com
woman in red christmas sweater holding a book in front of a christmas tree. there's a lighted decorative cross in the background.
one adult and two children in front of a christmas tree holding a book called the polar express
man in a santa hat in front of a fireplace with four stockings holding a book.  a tv displaying a fireplace is to the right of the image. decorated christmas tree is to the far left.
Homecoming Days
blue colored pencils